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Transponder keys have been really effective in boosting automobile security and establishing an easy access system for vehicle owners. If your transponder keys are damaged or lost, rely on Culver City, CA’s most dependable auto locksmith –Locksmith Of Culver City!

We are a decade-old professional locksmith firm offering automobile lock & key solutions to clients across the region. Our competent team has thorough knowledge of automobile security and provides transponder key replacement and repair services at prices much lower than your car dealership.

Why choose us?

Locksmith Of Culver City Culver City, CA 310-819-3077A transponder key contains an electronic system that is very complex for a local locksmith to understand. Every key has an embedded microchip with a unique serial number. This number is verified by the car to grant access to the owner. An advanced version of the same key changes this unique serial number with every use making duplication and theft next to impossible. Our auto locksmiths have years of experience and specific training in duplicating such systems in case of damage to your existing keys. Our locksmiths always offer effective solutions and ensure successful reprogramming of the new key.

Affordable service

Many first-time users and hesitant customers prefer their dealership over professional locksmiths for transponder key repair. A dealership charges a hefty sum for such tasks and would take several days to resolve your issue. We can repair transponder keys of any make, model or year of the vehicle within just 30 minutes at pocket-friendly rates!

24x7 roadside assistance

Have you broken your transponder key in the lock? Did you misplace the key on the road? Call our 24-hour helpline for roadside assistance. We have fully established mobile locksmith units that offer services anywhere in Culver City, CA area. Unlike your dealership or any local mechanic, we are available throughout the night and offer quick emergency response at no extra cost.

Onsite services

If you lose or damage your key while traveling, the first thought would be to tow your car to a mechanic or the dealership. If you call us, you don't have to resort to such extremes. Our auto locksmiths have the professional skillset and tools to make new transponder key right on the location itself. We follow a two-stage process wherein our locksmiths first cut the key blade to match the old one and then reprogram the key with the unique code so that it can disable the immobilizer.

Are you facing any issues with your transponder keys ? Call our auto locksmiths now on 310-819-3077 !